Faucet Leaks

Mr. Fixit – Plumbing Faucet Repair

Under-sink leaks and faucet leaks can do a lot of damage if they are not fixed promptly. The water that is damaging the sink, cabinet and/or the floor may be coming from the drainpipes, the supply hoses or the faucet itself. The source of the leak is usually apparent as soon as you crawl under the sink with a flashlight. The repair can be as easy as tightening a connection, changing a valve or in worst case scenarios, replacing the whole faucet.

Mr. Fixit can take care of the majority of your plumbing repairs to help get your home back into shape. With our FREE ESTIMATE our technician can assess your plumbing problem and provide a solution.

Repair Types:


  • kitchen faucet
  • bathroom faucet
  • bathtub faucet
  • shower head
  • toilet
  • supply lines
  • valve
  • drain
  • p-trap
  • pop-up assembly

If you hear the sound of water running constantly, chances are you have a leak somewhere. If you can’t find it, a Mr. Fixit technician can locate it for you.

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