Our Mission

Mr. Fixit, LLC is a company you can rely on

There’s nothing like waiting two weeks for a handyman to perform a seemingly simple job like installing a plasma TV, then getting left with anthill mounds of drywall on the carpet and unspackled tester holes in the wall. That’s what makes Mr. Fixit, LLC such a relief. We make sure to clean up after every job and pay attention to detail from start to finish. That includes sweeping up plaster crumbs and carting away packaging and boxes as part of a job well done. Mr. Fixit, LLC will take on most jobs, from hanging curtains (or TVs) and building closets to garage cleanouts, installing sinks, and tiling bathrooms. With a project minimum of an hour ($50 per hour) and low overhead (we rely solely on Craigslist and word-of-mouth ads), our prices match those of smaller—thought less reliable—operations.

Mr. Fixit, LLC prides itself on exceeding customer expectations. From the most complex installation to routine service and maintenance, we have the tools and products to provide a quality job that fits your lifestyle and budget. We are a top-rated Handyman service and possess the expertise and technically advanced equipment to handle most residential projects.

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